Donkey Series




Jan 2002

Donkey series

Half Ass Donkey is from a series of paintings I created to depict the erroneous stereotype of this animal and to symbolize those of Mexican heritage who often struggle with a similar misperception. While falsely thought of as ignorant or lazy, the donkey actually serves as a valuable means of transportation and a reliable source of income for those working hard to provide for their families and themselves.

The purpose of this work is to invite confusion into a world where lessons learned at home are challenged by the debatable judgments of societal remarks. Words such as burrobabosochuntaro, and pendejo used in a casual manner among compadres are terms too rapidly adopted by those unaware of their truly insulting definitions. In spite of such slings, the Mexicano, like the donkey, carries on with his obligations. The Tijuana donkey before you is the façade of this animal that even when executing its true duty—it must attempt to portray something else in order to be acknowledged. Day-trippers who seek excitement come to the Tijuana and see the painted burro, a raw spectacle of something that has once again been adapted to the needs of others through sombrerossarapes, floral buggies, and a vintage-inspired Polaroid with the “half ass donkey” that documents their visit.